• Question: were you always interested in science growing up ??

    Asked by Abi to James, Hannah, Claire, Chris, Binuraj, Alice on 12 Mar 2020.
    • Photo: Binuraj Menon

      Binuraj Menon answered on 12 Mar 2020:

      Hello Abi,

      Yes, I was always interested to study science and to follow a career in science.

    • Photo: Hannah Blyth

      Hannah Blyth answered on 13 Mar 2020:

      Hello Abi 🙂 I was always interested in learning science growing up, but I was also fascinated by ancient History!

    • Photo: Chris Carlton

      Chris Carlton answered on 24 Mar 2020:

      No! I dropped science subjects as soon as I could and studied all humanities! Its strange how things come full circle…